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Probate of Will Attorney in Houston, Texas

Houston Probate lawyer, W. Timothy Weaver offers a probate flat fee because he recognizes the need for families to know, in advance, what the costs of the probate proceeding will be.

One of the biggest problems with an attorney charging by the hour for a routine probate proceeding is the uncertainty of knowing upfront what the total cost of legal services will be. Furthermore, executors then may feel reluctant to call counsel to ask questions because they feel that it will drive up the fee when in fact the answers to those questions may be essential.

A flat fee arrangement, therefore, gives clients more comfort in knowing the total costs of probate.

Flat Fee/Probate of Will - $2,800.00

Professional Services Included in Flat Fee for the Probate of a Will that is not contested:

  • An initial conference with the client to review the Will and discuss the probate process and the Decedent's estate and creditors.

  • Preparing and filing the Application to Probate Will.

  • Set Application to Probate for hearing. Prepare Testimony, Order Admitting Will to Probate and Oath of the Independent Executor.

  • Attend hearing, file Testimony and Oath, and order Letters Testamentary.

  • Prepare and mail notices to beneficiaries pursuant to Texas Estates Code Section § 308.004.

  • Prepare a Certificate for Court.

  • Prepare Notice to Creditors for publication.

  • Prepare and mail notice to secured creditors and unsecured creditors, if necessary.

  • Prepare and file Inventory and List of Claims and Order Approving Inventory and List of Claims.

Services for a Flat Fee

Includes the Following Out-Of-Pocket Costs:

  • County Clerk's filing fees for Application to Probate Will - $455.80

  • Notice to beneficiaries by certified mail, return receipt requested at $7.17 each.

  • Daily Court Review: publication fee to publish Notice to Creditors - $70.00

  • County Clerk's filing fees to file Inventory or Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory - $8.00

  • 5 Letters Testamentary - $2.00 each