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5 Stars

Mr. Weaver is an excellent Probate attorney, with a very professional staff and his fees are always very reasonable.

- Hye Texas

5 Stars

Mr. Weaver fees were reasonably priced and the probate process was very simple and easy to navigate through. Thank you for all your help.

-Candace Coomes

5 Stars

Extremely nice man and a good lawyer he was not very expensive.

-Kira Barber

5 Stars

Mr. Weaver helped my family through a very difficult period after my father passed away without a will. His fees were incredibly reasonable, and he took the time to help answer any questions my family and I had. I will definitely be using his services in the future for my own estate planning.

-Eric Young

5 Star

My family engaged Attorney Tim Weaver to handle the probate of my wife's deceased brother's estate. Tim did an excellent job - we were VERY pleased and happy with his services - could not have asked for better help!!

-Bob Davis

5 Stars

Okay, I feel I am close enough to the end of my business time with him that I can share my experience.It will be a long review but worth the read.I am a young and broke mom who’s mother passed away in October of 18. I called the entire Houston arsenal of attorneys before I found this man. I couldn’t pay for the services I needed up front or even make payments. None. Couldn’t do it. No attorney would agree to take it out of my mom’s estate. Until Mr. Weaver. He called me back, asked no questions, said “Yeah I’ll absolutely do that for you.” Now, I expected 2-3 months before the house was sold and boom he’d be paid. No. I started business with him in August of 19. Here it is nearing the end of February and the estate still hasn’t closed. He hasn’t once asked me about his payment, no pressure at all. He’s given me time, worked with my realtor to help get the estate taken care of and the ONLY thing he’s said to me in the over 6 months he’s been helping me about “his money” is to let him know about a week before closing so he can send the title people his invoice. He’s not in it for the money. He cares dearly for his clients. He’s not only helped me with estate, but I dug myself into a hole that he was more than happy to help me get out of. He won’t leave anything at the door that you ask. He will try very hard to help you. 20/10 would absolutely recommend this man. Paula his assistant is wonderful, kind, patient and very understanding. I live out of state so documents are hard for me to get to them. These people care about the little people like me who don’t have a ton of money. They want to help in the crisis not add to the stress. I can’t thank him enough.

-Tiffany Dietz

5 Stars

Mr. Weaver has been a loyal associate, client and friend for over 30 years. He runs his practice with love, loyalty and a true compassion for family. Tim has surrounded himself with great people and knows the Probate Codes and Estate Laws better than most making him one of the best Attorneys in the City of Houston.

-higdon compton