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Heirship Proceedings

Has the Sudden Death of a Family Member Left You Scrambling?

W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law in Houston, Texas Can Help

Dealing with the sudden passing of a loved one is hard enough without having to hash out estate administration issues. If you find yourself in a lurch because the deceased didn’t draft a will, contact W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law. Attorney Weaver has extensive experience handling heirship proceedings. He’ll help determine the rightful heirs to the estate and make sure that they are legally recognized as such.

Don’t let a moment go to waste — call W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law at (713) 352-1463 to expedite heirship proceedings.

Determine the Rightful Heirs

Heirship Proceedings Attorney in Houston, TX

W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law has assisted area residents with heirship proceedings for more than three decades. Attorney Weaver will work with you in a court of law to determine:

  • Who should inherit the estate

  • What percentage of the estate each heir is entitled to

Learn more about heirship proceedings by contacting W. Timothy Weaver, Attorney at Law in Houston.